Friday, 12 August 2011

#100 Blogfest Guest Post by Author Martin King

#100 Blogfest - Guest Post by author Martin King

Kids can be cruel sometimes, to anything. So it is regret I recall my childhood fetish for killing ants. No I didn’t murder them, I loved those little six-legged critters, they provided me with so much fascination and entertainment.
Have you ever watched that film called A Fistful of Dollars?
A stranger arrives at the little Mexican border town of San Miguel. It’s that film where a bitter feud exists between two families vying to gain control of the town. In rides a stranger (Clint Eastwood) and ends up being a gun for hire and watches as both sides wipe each other out.
Well one particular holiday (more than likely Wales because that is where we always went, but I can’t exactly remember), we travelled to a small town. We stopped in a caravan which was highly unusual for us as we always stopped in tents.
I remember so clearly hearing this loud rumble coming from the heavens and as I stepped out of the caravan seeing what I could only describe as an alien spaceship. It was immense and filled half the sky – later I found out it was what was known as a V-Bomber. But that is a different story, but why not Google it and see what they looked like, pretty impressive.
So like I say, I played the role of the stranger, on the one side of the camp site were the Rojo brothers (red ants) and on the other the sheriff and family (black ants). Well I learnt that if you got a few red ants and a few black ants, such was their hate for each other, they would fight until all that was left was a writhing tangle of disembodied limbs.
Now I thought this was amazing. What self respecting young boy wouldn’t? But a few casualties in one go wasn’t enough, I had smelt blood and I wanted more. So I discovered that by taking a few of the red ants to the black colony, helping them take out a few of the guards and helping them escape back to their nest, they were able to get all their brothers and uncles and cousins and army mates and bring the war back to the colony.
The ending was just like the film and I was the only one left standing!

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  1. I don't think you can be sent to goal for committing insecticide.


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