Thursday, 7 April 2011

Follow Friday #2

Question: Do you judge a book by it's cover?
I know your not supposed to, but i do. I don't like to read the back because i want to be surprised, i dont want any hints or clues. So the only othe way for me to decide is the cover, if its pretty i'm ALL over it!


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  3. Ohhhh, you don't read the backs?? I usually have to research a book before I buy it. Maybe I should give not reading the back a try, so I can be surprised. :) lol!

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  6. I totally judge a book by its cover and am not ashamed to admit it! LOL

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  7. Oh my God!!! I don't read the back of the book either! SOMETIMES I'll read the FIRST sentence, but nothing else!

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  8. Hi
    Just following through! I don't usually pay a lot of attention to covers, but sometimes..


  9. I don't like spoilers either! I picked up the Hunger Games and didn't read the back. I'm so glad I didn't! They give too much away. Spoilers are one of my biggest pet peeves in life.

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

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    I judge a book by its cover. Guilty.

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  11. I'm guilty too!! I can't help it...especially in the genre I read, the covers are so appealing - most of the time - obviosuly I have my favorites, brighttest, cutuest, funiest, most cartoonish, or something else...I did a post almost a year ago on the difference btwn covers in the US and the UK if you're interested:)

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  13. I often don't read the back either. Usually I only do that when the cover isn't too appealing and I want to see if the story sounds good. :) I'm a new follower from the hop. Happy Friday!


  14. Hi Tristan! New follower here. Would love for you to follow me. Nice to meet you.

    For me, it is the cover and the title that tempt me to read the blurb. If the blurb reads great, I'll grab the book. I remember the first time I saw Harry Potter's book covers, I was like, O_o...not sure if I liked them. Love the inside but the covers weren't really to my taste.
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  16. Covers really grab me too.
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  17. It's the first thing that attracts you to the book.

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  19. I think we can all agree that even the most beautiful book cover can't sell a book if the writing's not there. Book cover art may, at best, help steer me in the book's direction (especially if I'm in a book store) but it's not going to hypnotize me into buying it right then and there.

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  20. New follower! You're blog is beautiful! I always judge a book by it's cover! I can't help it; I'm superficial like that, haha :) But a book is a book no matter what! Have a happy weekend!

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  21. A cover can make me pick up a book and learn more about it, but it won't be the reason I read it. I can't believe you don't read the blurbs? Wow, I kind of want to try that once or twice and see what happens.

    Megan @ Read It, See It

  22. I wish there was a way to just know that a book is going to be fantastic without reading the blurb so you have no idea what to expect. That would be so great!

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