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Monthly Book Giveaway

This is my very first giveaway. EEEP it's so exciting!! SO on the 15th of every month (i'm a little late) i will list 5 new releases from that month along with a bookish question for you to answer(i'm nosy). At the end of the month i will choose a winner using and YOU get to choose which 1 of those 5 you want in your mailbox!!. 

This months books are:

Abandon by Meg Cabot 
City Of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
Teeth by Neil Gaiman, Melissa Marr ans many others
The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

The Question:
Who was your favourite author when you were a kid?

The contest is open to US/Canada only.
 To enter leave a comment on this post with your answer to the question and your e-mail (long hand) so i can contact you.
Good Luck Folks ;)
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  1. My favorite author when i was a teenie weenie kid (lol) was R L Stine. OMG! I used to read a lot of books from his Goosebumps series. They were awesome!
    Btw, i love the books listed above.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


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  3. My favourite author as a child was Maj Lindman. I read her Flicka, Ricka and Dicka books over and over!!

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  7. My favourite author was Dean Koontz. I read R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike too in my early teens.

    I follow you on twitter and I tweeted your giveaway, however, I am new to twitter so I'm not exactly sure how to post the link to the tweet :(

    Twitter: AngelHaze7

  8. My favorite author was definitely L.J. Smith!

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  9. When I was little, my favorite author was Carolyn Keene. The Nancy Drew books are the books that I started reading, which made me fall in love with it.
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  10. Great giveaway! I love your monthly giveaway idea, it’s fantastic! To answer your question, my favorite author as a kid was Frank Peretti (christian paranormal suspense author)…I know, it’s weird, but I grew up in a strict christian home, and Peretti had a children’s series, and I read his adult books too…I’m thinking that’s why I like paranormal so much….Then again, I also read Judy Blume….I’ve always liked variety….
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  11. C.S. Lewis. I read the Chronicles of Narnia eleven times (I put hashmarks inside the front covers to keep track.)

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    My favs as a kid were Roahl Dahl - he wrote the BFG and James and the Giant Peach as well as Jean Estrol who wrote the Drina Ballet books. I actually still have the Drina books. :)Oh and the Anne of Green Gables books. I had the collectors set!

    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance
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  13. When I was a kid my favorite author was Cornelia Funke.

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  17. Gail Levine was my favorite author when I was a kid. I love her fairy tales.
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  18. Thanks for the great giveaway :) I discovered your blog via LibraryThing. I was always an eclectic reader so it's hard to name just one. I would say:
    . Beverly Cleary
    . Judy Blume
    . Laura Ingalls Wilder

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  19. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a new GFC follower.

    Define "kid" favorite authors included Carolyn Keene, Ann Rinaldi, and, later, Tamora Pierce and Meg Cabot (so I'd love to win Abandon!).

    susanna dot pyatt at student dot rcsnc dot org

  20. I found your blog through LibraryThing too. This is a great idea for a giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win one of an awesome list.

    My favorite author as a kid was Madeleine L'Engle. I read the Wrinkle in Time books more times than I can remember.

    I'm a new GFC follower (Jessica M.) so +1 for that, and a new Twitter follower (@crazylilcuban) so +1 more for that.

    Jessica M.
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  21. When I was a kid I I started off with Serendipity Books by Stephen Cosgrove and then graduated to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  25. My favorite author as a kid would have had to be Jane Yolen, the author of the Pit Dragon Series... She is solely responsible for me starting to read fantasy books!!


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  26. Great giveaway thank you so much! I never read alot when I was younger I did like RL stine. My favorite now is Richelle Mead love Vampire Academy.
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I appreciate everyone's comments, I read them all. So keep 'em comin ;)