Thursday, 1 March 2012

Feature & Follow Friday

Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly hop hosted by Rachel @ Parajunkee and Alison @ Alison Can Read

This weeks question is:
Q: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

I know I'm a YA book blog but I also read a lot of adult fiction, mostly Urban Fantasy. Hands down I pick the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning,  from the moment I read Darkfever I thought "HBO needs to make this a show!!" In my opinion it would blow True Blood out of the water and I'm a pretty die hard fan of that show. Not to mention  Mac could kick Sookie's Ass. Can you imagine getting to LOOK at a real flesh and blood Barron's every week?!?! JESUS, I'd probably die of heart failure. It's impossible to find the right Barron's but I'm gonna give it a shot, please don't be angry if you read the books and I don't do him justice, I don't think anyone could.
NOTE: If you haven't read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning you are missing out, go do it....Now!

Here goes....

I picked this guy for Jericho because he is smokin' hot
I picked Amber Heard because she could pull of the flirty southern belle, and the kick ass Mack from later in the books.

Now I'm going to attempt V'lane and Danny

Holy Crap, I think I just switched to Team V'lane!

These are my favourite characters from the books but I could go on all night, so I'll just leave it at that.

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  1. I agree! HBO, get to work! ;)

    I'm a gfc follower. ;)

  2. I wish I've heard of these books ! That Danny guy is hot ! new follower . Here's My FF

  3. Hi there! I'm a new follower (LF) via the hop. I haven't heard of these books, but I'll be looking int them now. Fun choices for the actors!

    Ree @ Literary Obsession
    Feature & Follow Friday

  4. hahahaha OK!!!!! No, I haven't read them, yet, darn it!! I NEED MORE TIME!!! Thx for the enthusiasm. I'll make sure they're on my Wishlist!! Ha! Thx for hopping by my FF! :-) -Burgandy Ice

  5. My friend has been convincing me to read the series since forever, and now I have one more reason to do so! ;D

    New follower.
    Here's my FF. ♥

  6. You have a great blog :D Haven't read these yet but I will get around to it.

    New follower on all the ones you have.

    Here is my FF :D

  7. It's so weird because this is the second Feature/Follow Friday post this week where someone picked Amber Heard for Mac. I think she's an awesome pick, though, and I would love to see this on TV!

  8. DUDE.
    I am trying. Really, really, *TRYING* not to swear, but f*******ck. Uh... for V'lane? I need a cold shower. I'm swear I'm actually blushing... could he be more perfect? HE'S PERFECT.

    AND UGH! YES! For Dani! She's adorable! And she totally looks ike she could be hyper and crazy!

    And... Barrons. How... wha... buh? HOW DID YOU FIND THIS GUY? He's PERFECT... everyone else I've seen for Barrons is a bit tooo perfect good looking, or cheeky looking, and not... not masculine enough. He's... I mean, I like lean guys, but I pictured Barrons as being a bit bigger built, but oh my gawd *fans self*

  9. I would really like to read Fever too...:)

    new follower-GFC and Linky-Avry15
    You have a nice blog!:)

    Here's my ff:


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