Thursday, 2 June 2011

Highschool is a Warzone

My little sister will be starting high school in September, and rightly so she's freakin out a little bit. So being the awesome big sister that I am I thought, I should make up a guideline for her to use, which hopefully will keep her  afloat in the shark tank. A rules of engagement guideline in the warzone that is high school. I also thought, hey I should make a blog post so my super savvy blog followers can give me some feedback or their own tips and tricks on keeping the reputation squeaky and avoiding serious fallout. We don't want her high school career to end up like either of these...

Leave your wisdom in my comments... =)


  1. Haha aw! you're a good big sis! I guess my number one rule to follow would be to atleast TRY not to talk bad about other people bc you never know how that might get twisted into something worse or who might hear you! plus if you talk bad about someone to another person, that person might think you talk bad about them too!!


I appreciate everyone's comments, I read them all. So keep 'em comin ;)