Thursday, 1 December 2011

Follow Friday

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Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

My absolute biggest pet peeve is a whiny, and/or weak female lead, you just can't have an inspiring, interesting or overall satisfying story when this is the case. Maybe if she starts out a little weak or unsure but grows through the story and gains strength, that just adds character but that's as much as I can handle.

Also I hate when a series could end well on say, two books, but the author just keeps writing more and milking the characters for all their worth. (which I hate to say I'm seeing a lot of lately) Better to end on a high note than drag it on forever and lose the interest of your readers, right?

Another is the pointless love triangle, you know the one when the other guy is nothing but filler, he's not interesting or charming. He's just kind of.....there. Don't get me wrong I LOVE a good love triangle or even a square, but if your going to have one, make sure they have a strong presence and a legit reason to seek the leading ladies heart.

Wow, that's kind of ranty but that pretty much sums them up, what's your pet peeve??


  1. Ya, dragging out a series is a really bad thing. If authors aren't careful, they can ruin good characters like that.

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  3. Weak character in general don't get my vote! Ugh, I want spitfires and strong leads, not cowering little ladies. ;)

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  4. Hopping through. Like you, I don't mind a little weakness. I prefer some insecurity, but I want her to grow throughout the book.
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  5. Amen! I hate love triangles but I hate love triangles with a pointless guy even more. Why do the authors keep doing this to us?!

  6. I hate books that are about weak female protag's. I like my heroines to kick some serious butt! I noticed that you grabbed by event button. Thanks so much!! :)

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  8. Agree about the series thing. That's been going on all round lately, and I just HATE pointless books in the series killing my love for the originaal story/series ):

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    I totally agree with your peeves! I like it when books are left on a high note, not being dragged out!

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  12. Ha! I agree with you! Great answer.

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  13. Ugh filler books are becoming so prominent! I hate when a series is stretched out over several books when it was meant to be a stand-alone, or when 1 or 2 books would do what 4 or 5 have done. So frustrating!

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  14. Everytime I see one of those weak whiny female characters--I have so many doubts about them. Really can they handle that situation? Would a guy like that really love a girl like that? Would that group of friends really help? Its so exhausting to read about them because I spend so much energy doubting everything about them. :)


  15. Hopping through. I hate weak and whiny female characters too! I end up hating the book when the lead character can't stand up or make decisions on her own and always have to depend on another character, usually her "perfect" love interest. Yikes.

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  16. I am so not into the whiny heroines! They really make me frustrated. :)

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  17. I would much rather read a book that is a little longer rather than be pulled along through a series that is too drawn out!

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  18. I am so there with the series thing! when authors just won't let go and keep on writing ugh. just too much!

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  19. Oh my goodness yes to drawn out series. I mean, if a publisher asks the author for another book, it's her income... she's unlikely to say 'no', but COME ON.

    I read a book recently that was meant to be the final, but then another was announced. Despite loving the series, I was really dissapointed. i wanted my 'happily ever after' ALREADY!


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