Tuesday, 11 October 2011

If I Die Review

Title: If I Die (Soul Screamers #5)
Author: Rachel Vincent
Publication Date: September 27, 2011
Published By: Harlequin Teen
Format: Paperback, 342 pages

*I purchased this book

The entire school is talking about the gorgeous the math teacher Mr. Beck, Everyone except Kaylee Cavanaugh, after all Kaylee is no ordinary high school junior. She's a Banshee-she screams when someone dies.
But the next scream might be for Kaylee.

Yeah, it's a shock to her too, so to distract herself she is going to save every girl in school. Because that ht new teacher is really an incubus who feeds on unsuspecting students. The only girls immune to his lure are Kaylee and Sabine,  her boyfriends needy ex-girlfriend. Now the unlikely allies have to get rid of Mr. Beck ...before he discovers they aren't quite human either.

But Kaylee's borrowed lifeline is nearing it's end. And those who care about her will do anything to save her.

My Thoughts
I know with every new book in the Soul Screamers series I always say the newest one is the best one and I'm not changing my ways now.
If I die isn't titled without the usual My Soul To... , until I read the book I couldn't figure out why, now I know, this book is the game changer. Everything you've become comfortable with in the series was just pulled out from under you, but in a good way. This along with the countdown to Kaylee's end is more than enough to keep you page turning. I didn't set this book down once from the moment I started reading it, it just wasn't possible. The characters are the same we know and love, or love to hate (Sabine) with a few small additions but this story sticks pretty close to home. That is about as far as I can go on this one and still keep it spoiler-free. It's emotional, suspenseful and my new fav in the series. 5 out of 5!


  1. I am dying to read this book. I love this series and cannot wait to have it and with all these reviews out there saying that this is the best one yet, it's making it even harder. Thanks for the review.

  2. Picked this one up and want to get to it. I must admit being upset with Kaylee during the last book so I hope that this one is better. I'm glad you liked it.


  3. I saw your review here last week, Tristan, but I wanted to keep myself a blank slate before I went into it. While Sabine was still... well Sabine, I liked her a lot more than I did last time. Glad I'm not the only one hugging books ;)


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