Friday, 18 March 2011

Unnatural Review

Title: Unnatural (Archangel Academy #1)
Author: Michael Griffo
Publication Date: February 22, 2011
Published By:  Kensington
Format: Paperback, 480 pages

*purchased by me

For Michael Howard, being plucked from his Nebraska hometown and sent thousands of miles away is as close as he's ever come to a miracle. In Weeping Water, he felt trapped, alone. At Archangel Academy, Michael belongs. And in Cairan, Penry, and especially Cairan's enigmatic brother Ronan, Michael finds friendship deeper than he's ever known.
But Michael's only beginning to understand what makes the academy so special. Ronan is a vampire-part of a hybrid clan who are outcasts even among other vampires. Within the Academy's confines exists a ruthless world of deadly rivalries and shifting allianceas, of clandestine love and forbidden temptations. Soon Michael will confront the destiny that brought him here-and a danger more powerful then he can imagine.

My Thoughts     
I wasn't overly impressed by this book.  It had a very slow start, i had to force my self through quite a few chapters before the story started to develop. I didn't relate to any of the characters in particular and none of them were overly memorable. The one cool thing about this book was the different breed of vampire he created, i haven't encountered one like it before and it was a neat twist on the vampires we all know so well. I finished the book so it wasn't so bad i just couldn't continue. My advice is if you want to read it borrow from a friend or your local library. I give this book a 2 out of 5.

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